Unique Insurance Solutions for Global Citizens

What is a Foreign National?

"Foreign Nationals" (FN) is a broad term that includes both Non-Resident Aliens (NRA) and Resident Aliens (RA).

  • NRA:  Non-U.S. citizens who reside permanently outside the U.S.
  • RA:  Non-U.S. citizens who reside in the U.S. and have no intent to leave.

NRA’s With U.S. Nexus

NRA’s purchase U.S. based life insurance for a variety of reasons. These individuals have ties to the U.S. via residency, investments or business interest. They value the stability of the U.S. insurance carriers and US dollar currency.  Depending on the rating of their home county, these individuals may qualify for the best U.S. policy pricing. This pricing and performance are superior to insurance policies issued in other countries.

NRA’s With No U.S. Ties

NRA’s may have a need for life insurance outside their home country but do not have ties to the U.S. In this case Offshore Life Insurance issued through a jurisdiction outside the US such as Bermuda can be attractive. The insurance process including application process needs to take place outside the individual’s home country.

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